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A nature-inspired holistic ranch in the countryside of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

SAGRADA, which means sacred, is a true reflection of natural beauty, healing energy and local artistry.

This rustic destination is majestically set on the foothills of an extinct volcano where abundance of healing energy flows. The very fertile volcanic land is also the home to a protected 300 year old ancient botanical garden - the true pride and joy of Sagrada.

Enjoy our thoughtfully prepared plant-based local cuisines, stroll with our guest-friendly rescued donkeys or simply watch the glorious sunrise and sunset right before your very eyes!

A truly divine and sacred experience awaits!

SAGRADA is considered to be one of the purest and most sacred destinations in all of San Miguel De Allende. We are dedicated to providing warm local hospitality and a serene environment suited for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

To stay true to our core principles, we strictly prohibit any form of smoking, drugs, alcohol and animal meat consumption.



SAGRADA Holistic Ranch is situated in a small countryside village of Marroquin, 6 miles outside of the historic, colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, nicknamed as The Most Magical Town in Mexico!

We are only 20 minutes away to world class golf courses, vineyards, art galleries, museums, gourmet restaurants, and healing mineral hot springs. We warmly invite you to spend your next holistic vacation at SAGRADA!


We warmly invite you to spend your next holistic vacation at SAGRADA!


Retreats & Wellness Events

SAGRADA is truly a perfect destination for:

Private, Isolated Countryside Getaway

Family and Friends Holistic Gathering

Vegan or Vegetarian Wedding Reception

Rustic, Countryside Destination Weddings and Events

Alternative Medicine and Herbal Retreats

Lifestyle and Wellness Retreats

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Retreats

Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant-based Retreats

Religious or Spiritual Retreats

Art and Cultural Immersion Retreats


Things to do while in Sagrada

Your personal or group retreat may also be customized to include the following experiences within the Sagrada Holistic Ranch.

  • Spa Services (massages, reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture)

  • Traditional Mexican Temazcal Ceremony

  • Donkey Sanctuary Experience

  • Sacred Ancient Bath

  • Sacred Bonfire Experience

  • Yoga/Pilates/Mindfulness/Taichi Sessions

  • Sun and Forest Bathing

  • Mountain Climbing to an Extinct Volcano

  • Plant-based Cooking Classes

  • Professional Photography Services

NOTE: The Retreat or Group Organizers must arrange all of the above activities with us prior to arrival.


Local Experiences

  • Historical (Bilingual) Tour of San Miguel de Allende

  • Horsebackriding in the Countryside

  • Bilingual Tour of Different Museums

  • Healing Mineral Hot Springs Experience

  • Guided (Bilingual) Tour of The Ancient Pyramids

  • Shopping / Arts Crafts/ Galleries (Bilingual) Tour


NOTE: We also have an exclusive team of local wellness practitioners, travel guides and intimate wedding planners available to assist you with every detail of your retreat.

SOMEWHERE out of nowhere, there is an ancient secret garden. A place for healing and restoration. 

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