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What is the Nurse Retreat?

WE KNOW you’ve been helping a lot of people everyday. We know you’ve been pouring so much love and compassion as a NURSE. 


But we also know you are getting exhausted, tired and stressed out. We know because we are also NURSES. 


What if we change the scenario?


This time, let it be all about you.

It's time to pour tender loving care into your own cup. This time, let it be the greatest love of all. Let it be self-love.


Self-love is not actually selfish. Self love is acknowledging your own worth, your value, and from there comes your true power! 

You cannot give love and care to your patients and loved ones if you don’t have it to give. So this time allow yourself to relax, to refill, to indulge, to recuperate but above all, TO HEAL. 

Realign your body, mind,

and soul once again.

This Nurse Retreat is specially designed with you in mind. You were not born to just constantly give, to constantly work, or to constantly be pressured to perform. You were also born TO RECEIVE.


Realign your body, your mind, and your soul once again. Reconnect with your true self as you commune with nature! COME JOIN US!


This retreat includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation at Sagrada Holistic Ranch

  • Breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks, natural juices, herbal teas and dinner

  • All holistic activities such as sound healing ceremony, morning yoga, mountain hike, traditional spa, bonfire and more!

  • Nurses Circle and Community

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off


Note: Airfare is NOT included. Special discounts are available for Rachell Allen students!

Retreat Schedules:

June 15 - 21, 2023

August 22 - 28, 2023

October 19 - 25, 2023

December 5 - 11, 2023

January 29 - February 4, 2024

March 18 - 24, 2024

Reserve now:

To reserve, please contact +13238660084 (9am-5pm CST) or email


The Nurse Retreat is also open to all allied healthcare professionals their families, and friends. SEE YOU AT SAGRADA!

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